Meet the Band

Jerry Shooter

Vocals, guitar, writer, sound engineer specialist.

Jerry has performed in a variety of bands throughout the years and as played with
legendary greats such as Jackie Wilson. He has been performing for over 40
years and has eight #1 hits to his credit. In 2010, one of his songs,
“Boardwalk Angel” was recognized as the #1 song for the year for 94.9 the Surf in
Myrtle Beach, lasting a whopping 26 weeks on the charts as #1. In addition, it was also nominated for
the Cammy award “Smoothie of the Year” by the Carolina Beach Music Association.
Other #1 hits include, “Without You Girl”, “Summer Girl”, “Everybody Needs Love”,
“Second Chance”, “Better Luck Next Time”, “Let Me Show You The Way”, “Sho Nuff In Love”. He is considered the soprano/tenor of the group with his extremely high voice. His latest original hit “I’m Gonna Love You” is quickly climbing the charts.

Keith Pollard

Vocals, trombone, trumpet, and keyboards

Keith has been in a variety of bands and is certainly no stranger to the art of
performing and singing great music. Before coming with the Carolina Breakers, he
last toured with the “Tommy Black & Blues Band” and added that sweet soulful
baritone/bass voice that he is so well know for. Keith has over 35 years of experience
in the profession and is nicknamed “The Voice” by the Carolina Breakers Band. In
addition, he was also nominated for the Cammy award “Smoothie of the Year” by the
Carolina Beach Music Association for a great song he recorded entitled “I Love You
1000 Times”. Other great songs that Keith has recorded include, “I’ve Been Lovin’
You Too Long” ( #1 hit ), “Beach Boogie & Blues”, and “I’ll See You When I Get There”.
When you hear Keith you will know why he has earned the nickname “The Voice”.

Roger Taylor

Vocals, keyboards, studio producer, writer and composer.

Roger has been in a variety of groups and has been performing for over 35 years. He
is a major player in orchestrating the musical arrangements that captivate our audiences.
Roger is highly instrumental in producing nearly all the hit recordings that the Carolina
Breakers are noted for and have also helped record other artists outside of the Breakers
which has lead to additional Cammy awards to his credits. He is great song writer and singer
with a dynamic range somewhere between baritone and countertenor. Roger is well known for
writing and singing “Keys to my Heart”, a cute, island-reggae type of song and also wrote
the music for “Shadow Shagging”, by Tommy Black which won Tommy a “Smoothie of the Year”
Cammy award from the Carolina Beach Music Association.

Paul Barnes

Drums & harmony vocals..

Over the years Paul has performed with numerous Beach Music legends such as: Billy Scott & The Party Prophets, Archie Bell & The Drells, Clifford Curry, Danny Woods an original member of The Chairmen Of The Board, The Pat Carpenter Band and also The Mighty Tams. Paul had the opportunity to open up for such bands as The Temptations and Mother’s Finest. His influences are: Jeff Pocaro (TOTO), Keith Moon (The Who), Chris Layton (Stevie Ray Vaughn), Barry “B.B. Queen” Borden (Mother’s Finest), Don Brewer (Grand Funk) & Artimus Pyle (Lynyrd Slynyrd).

Pat Carpenter

Vocals, guitar, writer, studio engineer.

Pat is the newest member of  “The Carolina Breakers” with many years of on stage and recording experience to his credit.   He has had several number one hits and top forty chart records such as “With Each And Every Kiss”, “On and Off”,  “Every Night and Everyday”  from his own Cd’s  “Back to the Good Old Days” and “On Easy Street”. His latest Carolina Breakers Hit that quickly climbed the beach music charts to #1, “Fell In Love Too Late”, was nominated for Song of the Year in 2016 at the Carolina Beach Music Association.
In addition to performing with the Carolina Breakers Band, Pat works as an award winning free lance engineer and producer at his recording studio, located in Charlotte, NC., where he has recorded acts like “The Breeze Band”, “The Entertainers”, “The Counts”, “Legends Review” along with many other popular artist’s.  He is considered by many fans and artists as one of the best male vocalists in the business.  He has toured extensively through out the years with a host of popular bands such as the “Legends of Beach”, “The Poor Soul’s “, “The Tempest” and the “Catalinas”. Some of his own groups included, “Dancing Machine”, “Rendezvous”, “Tripp and Carpenter”, and “The Pat Carpenter Band”.

Mike Denison:

Trumpet, Sound Engineer, Vocals

Mike is no stranger to the music scene. He is one of the best trumpet players Myrtle Beach has seen. He is the founder of the super group “Photograph”, a group that he put together back in the late 80’s. Mike was also the musical director for Dale Van Horne and help write and record the horn parts on “That’s Summertime To Me”, a great hit for Dale. Later, he and Keith performed in the band, Tommy Black and Blues. I am glad to be able to say that you can now find him putting together great horn parts for the Carolina Breakers.

Joe Grooms

Vocals and percussion

Joe is known as the “Rock N Roller” of the Carolina Breakers.    He has performed with the groups Long Shot, Cold Sweat , and 90 Proof.   His great personality and smile make him a favorite among the Carolina Breakers.  If you want to get down with the “party”.  Joe is the one to take you there. The Carolina Breakers have recently nick named Joe ……Uno Mars because he favors Bruno Mars except for the fact that he is bald. Therefore, we refer to him as Bruno’s little brother Uno. When Joe sings “Uptown Funk” he portrays an amazing resemblance to Bruno both in voice and movement that comes quiet natural.

Don Vallereux

Sax, Keyboards, and Harmony

Don is the newest member of the Carolina Breakers. Don has been around the music scene and was a member with Billy Scott and the Prophets for several years. He is an exceptual player on both keyboards and sax. His musical talent and tone is a joy to listen to and will certainly leave its mark in your mind. Don adds that special touch to the horn section and is a fine addition to the Carolina Breakers powerful horn section.

Carolina Breakers Power Brass Section

They enhance the vibrant brass sound that the Carolina Breakers are known for and provide additional energy on stage.

As a collective group, the harmonies and vocals from this group are considered the finest in the business and second to none. On so many various occasions, fans approach us and exclaim that they love us because we have such a variety of different great lead singers in the band. If you want to hear music the way it is supposed to sound, choose the Carolina Breakers for your next social event.

You will be glad you did.